Sydmech Air conditioning are proud to work on all manner of computer air conditioning systems (C.R.A.C.) units.

At Sydmech, we install anywhere in the Greater Sydney region, so give us a call on 02 8378 4555, email our Installations Manager at [email protected] or fill out our contact form and we’ll get in touch ASAP!  

Sydmech understand the needs of our clients, and the disruption and huge cost to our clients, when a computer air (C.R.A.C.) unit fails and the comms room is down.Hire Computer Room Air Conditioning Systems Sydney Services Near Me for quality service at an affordable price tag.

Fast reliable service and regular maintenance, and of course correct installation and design at the outset are what SydMech Air Conditioning ahead of the rest when it comes to computer room air condiitoning (C.R.A.C.) systems

Computer Room Air Conditioning Systems

Did you know your computer air (C.R.A.C.) system , is often reliant on the central plant to operate? Sydmech air conditioning can install flow switches and status lights, so you know who to call and when, allowing you to make fast clear decisions in critical moments, where every second counts.

Did you know that your computer room air conditioner (C.R.A.C.) is often raised off the floor, and that the unit could flood and damage all the comms wiring which passes underneath the floor and damage by water leak could be catastrophic.

Computer Room Air Conditioning Systems

Our Services

To combat this, Sydmech air regularly service and maintain the drains and also the pump where equiped, but can also fit ” water under floor sensors “to your compueter air conditioning (C.R.A.C.) system

water under floor sensors are necessary in this type of environment and we always recommend them, along with a stainless drip tray underneath as a final level of backup.

Did you know your computer room air conditioning (C.R.A.C.) system, also controls Humidity?

We ensure your humidity settings are maintained by checking your humidifier, replacing heater elements where needed, checking the water in and out and the overflow sensor, allowing the (C.R.A.C.) unit to do its job correctly.

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Did you know your computer room air conditioning (C.R.A.C.) unit, also heats? It has a reheat or heater function to allow the computer room air conditioning unit to keep a close control of the room conditions, note that the units are often very large for the size of room they are in, should the heat load change dramatically, it could become cold very fast and cause problems to equipment.

We also handle many types of comms room rack cooling systems, warm and cold aisle type systems.

We do all brands including Liebert, Atlas, Emerson to name a few.

Please get in touch and see how we can assist you in providing a new level of service to your Comms room.

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