Lane Cove Air Conditioning Installation, Sales, Repairs, Service, and Maintenance

When it comes to air conditioning in Lane Cove, there’s only one company that should come to mind. Our air conditioners are top of the range and from brands you can trust. Not only do we offer air conditioner installation for the Lane Cove area, but we also repair and service them should you need us in the future.

Getting your unit

Start by ordering your Lane Cove air conditioning unit, which we will supply and install for you for a reasonable price. You will be able to use your unit as soon as it’s installed, and we know that you will be fully satisfied with your new product. We have a full Lane Cove air conditioner specialist team who are ready and waiting to look after all of your needs whenever you should need us, so don’t worry about getting it setup and working. We will come to your door and take care of all that for you!

We also supply commercial air conditioning in Lane Cove, which will be suitable for use in your business or office. This can help to keep your customers cool and will also ensure they are comfortable while browsing your store or visiting your office for meetings. Don’t forget your staff, who will surely be happier to work in a Lane Cove business with air conditioning!

Maintenance and repair

Once your unit is installed, you don’t have to worry about it breaking or going wrong. We have an air conditioning repair team in Lane Cove who will be happy to come out to you and take a look at your unit whenever you are experiencing problems. That way, you will be back to normal and happily using your unit before you know it.

The machines we supply are always top quality, which means they are less likely to break down or go wrong in any way. However, we know that these things can happen, so we will never leave you in the lurch. We will always look after you even after your unit has been installed, unlike other companies which may leave you to look after things on your own, and purchasing the air conditioning unit from Sydmech, leaves one point of contact so we can repair all warranty issues quickly with a minimum of fuss.

Quality is our pride and we always ensure you have the best service possible. For Lane Cove air conditioning, don’t go anywhere else. Stick with SydMech and you will know that you are with the best. Get in touch here and we’ll be ready to help you out!