Building management systems (BMS)

We have seen it all and specialize in all of it. From actuator valves to chilled water valves we are Experts in the field of controls BMS, and any type of instrumentation for your building, plant industrial setting, or any other type of system with his may be used.

Sydmech air service all brands including Honeywell, Alerton, Innotech , Trend, Danfoss, Carel, Emerson, just to name a few

We service  all types of applications that you may use them in, be it in the plant room, a building, , office, industrial, retail, plant equipment , ventilation, heating, chillers, chilled water, cooling towers, valves and actuators, switchboards, mechanical panels, essentially anywhere you would expect to see these panels exist.

Further to their mechanical and plant use, we can also put them to use for driving other types of actuators, which may be power saving for your lifts or elevators, also for reducing your light lumens or brightness, to save power and energy, and make a safe work environment for staff, we can operate extendable awnings, when rain appears, or draw them back when the sun comes out, we can operate your garage doors and security from our front end BMS panel, and we can give training on how to use it

We also have the advantage of dialing in remotely to temporarily fix a problem until we can get to site, sometimes we can fix problems remotely without even having to come to site, this creates a better service and better and happier tenants

You may find that alarms go off before a major problem occurs , and you can get us out to site to fix things prior to the tenant picking up that there is a problem, keeping problematic tenants off your back and you as the building manager or property manager able to act proactively to reduce frustration from your client or customer who is the tenant

If you have a BMS system that needs servicing or specialist tuning up please get in touch

We also can certify and commission car park exhaust systems and CO2 monitoring systems to interface with your car park exhaust and supply air to make sure it’s always compliant , and maintain compliance  with a fire situation as well

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